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These scholars publicly list the inquiry into the Philosophy of Human Rights as one of their philosophical specializations. Numerous other philosophers around the world assert privately that they, too, specialize in this philosophy, although as yet they choose not to list the specialization publicly. The names of the scholars on this page are from the two directories of the philosophical profession, alternately published every two years by the Philosophical Documentation Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. The Center is on the web at: www.pdcnet.org
Any professional philospher interested in publicly adding this inquiry to their list of philosophical specializations may do so (perhaps after first consulting with their Chair and the university President) on the Center's website at: www.pdcnet.org/dirfac.html


2000 - None

2001 - Dr. Ioanna Kucuradi, Chair, Hacettepe University, Turkey

2002 - Dr. Patrick Hayden, U. of St. Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom

2003 - Dr. Paul Patton, University of Sydney, Australia
        - Mr. Andrei Ilas, M.A., University of Iasi, Romania
        - Mr. Normin Gedik, M.A., Hacettepe University, Turkey
        - Mr. Neval Ogan-Balker, M.A., Hacettepe University, Turkey
        - Mr. Bulent Peker, M.A., Hacettepe University, Turkey
        - Dr. A. Rukooko Byaruhanga, Makerere University, Uganda
        - Dr. Wilfred Lajul, Makerere University, Uganda

2004 - Dr. Anja Matwijkiw, Indiana University Northwest, USA
        - Dr. Rajmohan Ramanathapillai, Gettysburg College, USA
        - Dr. Sophy Qian Wang, Tulane University, USA

2005 - Mr. A. James Rice, Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China
        - Dr. Dieter Janssen, Universitat des Saarlandes, Germany
        - Mr. Alex Folscheid, Universitat des Saarlandes, Germany
        - Dr. Jose M. Rosales, Universidad de Malaga, Spain
        - Dr. Chen Jau-Hwa, Soochow University, Taiwan
        - Dr. Harun Tepe, Chair, Hacettepe University, Turkey

2006 - Dr. Robert Lasalle-Klein, Holy Name University, USA
        - Dr. Serena Parekh, University of Connecticut, USA
        - Dr. H. Coverston, University of Central Florida, USA
        - Dr. Eric Palmer (Chair), Allegheny College, USA

2007 - Dr. Guillermo Diaz Pintos, U. de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
        - Ms. Mia Roland, UMass-Dartmouth, USA
        - Mr. Jeff Flynn, Fordham University, USA
        - Dr. Elizabeth Kiss (President), Agnes Scott College, USA
        - Dr. Eugene Rice (Chair), Fort Hays State University, USA

2008 - Mr. Chet Singh, Centennial College, Canada
        - Dr. Gregory Walters, Saint Paul University, Canada

2009 - Dr. Anna Alomes, University of Tasmania, Australia
        - Dr. Michael Barke, Victoria University, Australia
        - Dr. Denis Hemphill, Victoria University, Australia
        - Dr. Caroline Symons, Victoria University, Australia
        - Ms. Marie-Luisa Frick, Universitat Innsbruck, Austria
        - Ms. Beatrice de Carrillo, U. CentroAmerican J.S.C., El Salvador
        - Dr. Hans Jorg Sandkuhler, Universitat Bremen, Germany
        - Dr. S. Indira, Pondicherry University, India
        - Mr. Zubaidi Achmad, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
        - Dr. Peder Gravem, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Norway
        - Mr. Miguel Cuevas Gomez, U. del Pacifico, Philippines
        - Dr. Yu G. Karagod, People's Friendship University, Russia
        - Dr. Javier Garcia Breso, U. de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Dr. Joseph I. Fernando, Assumption University, Thailand
        - Ms. Ayse Gul Civgin, Uludag University, Turkey
        - Dr. Doris Schroeder (Chair), U. of Central Lancashire, United Kingd
        - Dr. Kerstin Budde, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

2010 - Dr. Mark J. Nyvlt, College Dominicain de Philosophie et de Theologie, Canada  
        - Dr. James W. Nickel, University of Miami, US
        - Dr. Clark Butler, Indiana U-Purdue U., Ft. Wayne, USA
        - Ms. Chris Ann Moore, U. of Hawaii, Honolulu Comm. College, USA
        - Dr. Margaret A. Crouch, Eastern Michigan U., USA
        - Dr. Martin Gunderson, Macalester College, USA
        - Mr. Paul Moriarty, Webster University, USA






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