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- Merleau-Ponty publishes The Primacy of Perception

- Joseph Raz publishes The Morality of Freedom
- G. B. Madison publishes The Logic of Liberty

1995 - United Nations declares 'Decade of Human Rights, 1995-2004'

- Habermas publishes The Inclusion of The Other

- I. A. Al-Marzouqi publishes Human Rights in Islamic Law
A new century begins; no philosopher specializes in the Philosophy of Human Rights

- Dr. Ioanna Kucuradi, Hacettepe University, Turkey, is the first PhD in the world to list the  Philosophy of Human Rights as a specialization (visit 'Pioneers' tab)
- Essex University, England, is the first univerity in the world to offer degrees in the Philosophy of Human Rights

- Four Don Kirk queries sent to 14,000 PhD philosophers world-wide
- U.N. 'Decade of Human Rights' concludes

- The Philohr Society is launched




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