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 "Education shall be directed to...the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms."
               Article 26(2), Universal Declaration of Human Rights

WELCOME to the Philohr Society!

For 5,000 years of recorded history, no culture in any century has had ‘Freedom’ as a distinct and honored philosophy. Human freedom has long been considered to be, at best, merely a ‘theme’ or ‘topic’ of political or social philosophy, or at worst to be ideology. And yet, as Canadian professor emeritus Dr. G. B. Madison noted: “From the very beginning, the idea of freedom has coincided with the idea of civilization itself.”

The Int’l Society for the Philosophy of Human Rights (the Philohr Society) is an Internet-based, world-wide group of PhD’s, students, and professionals interested in the inquiry into the universal moral philosophy of ‘Human Rights.’ The Philohr Society is dedicated to an objective and rigorous scholarship of this new inquiry. The Philohr Society is also interested in seeing the departments of philosophy at the world’s great universities offer this new philosophy of ‘Human Rights’ as a course of study for all university students. To quote another PhD philosopher, this inquiry is “Long overdue!”

As contemporary scholarship from around the world develops in this new philosophy of ‘Human Rights,’ the titles of the works will be posted on this website under the tab “HR Scholarship.” Visitors to this website are encouraged to visit the "History" and "Pioneer" pages, where they can read the on-going development of the inquiry of ‘Human Rights’ as a universal moral philosophy. Our “Charter” is available for your perusal, and the “Board of Governors” page is expected to grow steadily until it reaches some two hundred members. Membership in the Philohr Society is open to everyone.

The Philohr Society was created as a result of a flood of positive responses to a year-long query made in 2003-2004 to 14,000 PhD philosophers from all over the world. The quote under our banner, from Duoism, is a short, five-word summary of Immanuel Kant’s formula for world peace, found in his famous essay: “Perpetual Peace.” The eleven book titles on our "Home" page are contemporary works pertinent to the philosophy of Human Rights. The goal of this short book list is to have the future Ambassadors, Foreign Ministers, and Chiefs of State familiar with the new philosophy of 'Human Rights.'



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